Tuesday, September 30, 2008

ASSASSINS Promo Featuring John Hinckley

Joshua Brown as John Hinckley


...for a little mental health check during this clusterf**ck of a national economic crisis brought to you by the best shrink I know - my dad-in-law! Michael Dwyer, PHD a pysch professor at Baldwin-Wallace College and my wife's dad was featured in a local news interview this week about ways to deal with the stress of the Wall St. crash. Thanks Popi!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

My CD Review - In the Heights

Just downloaded this CD from iTunes and in My humble opinion....

This original cast album represents exactly the kind of breath of fresh air that musical theatre needs. Scores like this one - along with shows like Passing Strange, Spring Awakening and [title of show]) - are redefining what a musical score can be. In the Heights is a thrilling CD and the composers manage to make a predominantly Latin-flavored score universal to anyone who has an ear for exciting percussion, some great vocals, hip-hop and contemporary show tunes. I haven't been able to put my iPod down and in my opinion, In the Heights is a must buy for any progressive musical theatre fan!