Tuesday, January 29, 2013

All the Time in the World

Playing in my living room! Running some DMX
test programming at home. Chauvet Colorstrip
mounted on Chauvet 4Bar/4 Play combo with 2 ADJ
X-Move LED 25R lights on the floor -
controlled with Chauvet Obey 10.
 My family is very patient.
by Geoff Short for MobileBeat.com

I just spent the last hour sitting in my living room programming lighting scenes into my DMX controller (see photo at left). Not for any specific upcoming event, but mostly as a way to further study DMX and explore the cool things my lights can do and how that might benefit clients. The one thing that wasn't on my mind was how quickly and easily it takes me to set up and tear down those lights.
I've been thinking about this since a recent conversation I had with another DJ. I had my DJ rig set up for a party that he was a guest at and, of course we were talking about what DJs talk about - gear. He admired my set up but it was his next comment that kind of surprised me. I'm paraphrasing but he said something like "If I can't tear down and be packed up in 20 minutes, I don't bring it." For this DJ, the time and ease of set up and tear-down seemed to be the main factor in what gear he has on gig. Not necessarily client feedback or venue demands.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Great DJ Customer Review!

I'm so excited for this fantastic review!  This is what it's all about!

"Looking out and seeing the completely packed dance floor ALL night was absolutely magical!"

So happy to have worked with this wonderful couple on their wedding reception and couldn't be more excited they were so happy! This really makes the hard work worth it all!

My Latest Mobile Beat Article: Welcome to Rehab!

Hi. I'm Geoff and I'm a Gear-a-holic. I love gear. I've always been obsessed with anything that has lots of blinking lights and buttons to push. We DJs talk about gear, we drool over gear in music stores and online catalogs. And of course, we buy gear. Lots of it. There's nothing like the rush of getting that package from the UPS guy. It's here! It's here! That expensive thing that I can't afford and really don't need but that is filling up an emotional void somewhere deep inside me! We're addicted brothers and sisters. Not to offend our gear vendor brethren, but just like the fast food, tobacco or alcohol industries, that's just where they want us.

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