Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Video promo for the musical "Scrooge" at The Cassidy Theatre in Parma Heights as seen on "Call-Back" - 12-08

Parma Hts., Ohio - Cassidy Theatre, Inc. presents the holiday musical Scrooge. The show will run at 8 p.m. Fridays and Saturdays and 3 p.m. Sundays Dec.5 through Dec. 21 at Cassidy Theatre, 6200 Pearl Rd. Parma Hts. Tickets are on sale now for $20 for adults and $15 for seniors and Students and can be purchased by calling the Cassidy Theatre at (440) 842-4600. Scrooge features book, music and lyrics by Leslie Bricusse. The Cassidy production is Directed and Choreographed by Lester Currie, with Musical Direction by Kira Seaton.

Scrooge is the stage adaptation of the movie musical retelling of Charles Dickens classic A Christmas Carol in which cold-souled Ebenezer Scrooge has a change of heart after spirit visitations on Christmas Eve. Renowned writer-composer-lyricist Bricusse adapted A Christmas Carol, into a movie musical in 1970 starring Albert Finney as Scrooge. In 1992, the stage musical adapted from the film was mounted in the U.K. under the title Scrooge: The Musical featuring the Bricusse songs and starring Anthony Newley.

"I think the message of the show is particularly important now when we are in hard times" says Alex Nalbach who plays Scrooge. "The characters in the show Scrooge included are people who are living through hard times. What keeps the community going is that they always reach out, they always help each other. It's a nice undercurrent of the show that it's community that counts". In addition to Nalbach, the Cassidy production also stars:

Don Pedley as Jacob Marley
Brad Andersen as Bob Cratchitt
Karen Hunaday as Ethel Cratchitt/Ghost of Christmas Past II
Aaron Kastanis as Harry Burnet/Young Ebenezer
Kayla Bruzinski as Kathy Cratchitt
Evan Ozimek/Jacob Fekete as Tiny Tim
Emily Tabar as Ghost of Christmas Past I
Danny Woods as Beggerman.Ghost of Christmas Present I
Thomas F. Majercik Sr. as Old Fezziwig/Ghost of Christmas Present
Carol Broquet as Mrs. Fezziwig
Kent Overton as Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come
Joe Delaney as Wine Merchant/Phantom/Dick Wilkins
Debbie Lenarz as Isabel/Helen
Nick Tabar as Peter Cratchitt
Kayla Maggard as Belinda Cratchitt
Zac Hudak as Thom Jenkins
Jennifer Nageotte as Mary
Joe Mcintyre as Grandfather/Mr. Pringle
Sue Overton as Mrs. Dilber
Julie Dombrowski as Miss Dilber
Joshua Herrmann as Bissett the Butcher
Stephanie Malfarn as Joycelynn Jollygoode
Vicki Arnello as Hermione Hardy
Tom Malone as Harry Topper/Phantom
Paul Montgomery as Punch and Judy/Phantom
Dawn Culp as Beggar Woman
Caitlin Nageotte, Gabby Halligan and Brielle Giomini as Shoppers

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