Friday, June 5, 2009

"Thank You...NEXT!"

Even though I've spent the last couple of years focusing on directing, there is nothing like the thrill of actually being on stage. But to do that of course you have to actually get your fat ass off the couch, or director's chair and audition. I think it's really important for director's to audition a lot anyway. I know for me it's great perspective to be on the other side of the audition table and I know it helps me a better director when people audition for me. Can't be a leader if you haven't been in the trenches yourself, right? And there's nothing that can put a director who may have developed an overinflated sense of importance (c'est moi?) in his place more than hearing the words "Thank you...NEXT!". What do you mean the entire universe isn't tuned in to my electrifying theater visions and just waiting for me to walk through the door? "Thank you....NEXT!"

I recently had the pleasure of auditioning for the annual open call of professional theaters here in Cleveland. Walking into a room with representatives from 12 or 15 pro theater groups was humbling, felt great and was energizing. We'll see what the future holds for productions next season! I also have had a series of on-camera auditions through my agency The Talent Group and excuse me, but there's nothing more horrifying than that up close image of yourself on I need to add 10 pounds? Talk about humbling! Fortunately my last audition ended up in a booking as a character in an industrial video, so that's cool...but the point of this is the audition process is so important to what we do that any practitioner of the art should examine it from every angel, practice it, love it, hate it, do it. For me it helps me become a better auditioner and director. Holla!

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