Friday, November 20, 2009

STAGES: Stories from the BW Music Theater Program - Pt. 4

STAGES: Stories from the BW Music Theater Program - Pt. 4: "The Wild Party" auditions are over and casting deliberations begin. Be there among the students to share their reactions from the customary midnight posting of the casting results. Plus a special presidential reception for the MT students with BW President Richard Durst and his view of why the music theater program at Baldwin-Wallace is so special.

This documentary series follows the stories of the students and teachers of the acclaimed Baldwin-Wallace College Music Theatre Program led by Victoria Bussert. Produced by theater artist and documentarian Geoffrey Short, STAGES gives viewers unprecedented access to this exclusive program that draws the very best talent from around the country to this small private college in Berea, Ohio (just southwest of Cleveland). Graduates of this program often go on to careers on Broadway. Learn more about Baldwin-Wallace College at See other theater video documentary series from Geoff Short at

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