Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Rooting for Spidey

I agree with Ken Davenport's blog entry yesterday "Superhero spotted on 42nd Street " about the new Spiderman Musical.

I'm rooting for it too. Pushing new boundaries is exciting. I like rethinking and reinventing the art form.

As Ken says, if Spiderman succeeds it could put a lot of people to work and bring many more people to the theatre. Could be a spectacular success or a spectacular failure - either way, both are spectacular!!

I trust the genius of Julie Taymor and I like what she said in the preview piece about Spiderman on 60 Minutes last weekend: "I like it when people say 'that's a terrible idea'"!

I'm sure the Wright brothers heard the same thing. And now, all these years later, you can get groped for free at any airport TSA checkpoint!

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