Monday, January 23, 2012


This post was was going to be about something completely different. And then I performed with my band The Avenue at a wedding last night and I met Rebecca.

Rebecca was on the dance floor all night although I can’t say she actually danced much. She was enthralled by the band. She loved the music and seemed fascinated by all of us performing it. She literally stood right in front of me all night long.

Rebecca is just a kid. Probably 14 or 15 and she is autistic. She was there for the wedding of a relative but all she wanted to do that night was sing with the band. She loves music. She assured me time and time again that she knew all the words to “Baby” by Justin Bieber. And even though that song isn’t on the band’s playlist, I called her up to join the band a few times during the night to help us sing whatever party dance song we were playing at the time. She seemed so excited when I handed her the microphone. Her family loved seeing her have fun and the crowd loved it.

I just kept thinking that I hoped we offered her even the slightest bit of encouragement to follow her musical dreams despite whatever obstacles might be waiting for her. How little effort it took on my part to make her the center of attention for a few minutes every now and then.

And then I had another thought. I have been blessed with so many good things. I don’t do nearly enough to give back to my community or to the world in general. Like many entertainers I often suffer from an inflated ego and sense of self-importance. Ironically, this often stems from raging insecurities. It’s long past time for me to take the focus off myself and my challenges and focus more on others.

I would love to find ways to make music work to help other people & causes (beyond my normal for-profit ventures). I could donate my DJ services. I could help encourage others to explore their love of music and develop their talents. I could help plan a fundraiser. I could.... I will stop being so self-centered.

Hearts are big in the DJ community and I know many DJs are way ahead of me on this one. How are you using your DJ/MC talents and experience to make your community a better place?

I’m so glad my band got the chance to jam with Rebecca last night. It would be so cool to see her making her own music some day.

Rock on Rebecca.

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