Saturday, December 29, 2012

My Latest Mobile Beat Article: Finding DJ Inspiration Away from Other DJs

Finding Inspiration
by Geoff Short for

Everyone can use a little inspiration. Especially those of us in the entertainment business who need to continually find creative ways to stimulate audiences. But it's easy to fall into the rut of time-worn habits.  We could all use a creative makeover to do things differently sometimes. DJs spend a lot of time learning from other DJs but true evolution of your DJ skills and outlook may require you to look outside of the DJ community to discover unique ways of approaching your craft. If your eyes and mind are open enough you can discover new things about stuff you do everyday that can get your creative juices flowing enough to lead to real creative growth and increased income as an entertainer. If you find your creative energy sagging along with bookings and income, it may be time for an inspirational fill-up.  I've talked about some of my personal sources of inspiration before, most notably live theatre.  Here are a few other non-DJ sources of DJ inspiration:

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