Sunday, May 5, 2013

Fountains of Youth for Aging Bands

This is my latest blog post for Chauvet DJ with a few product tips that help give any band a face lift.

Everything Old is New Again
by Geoff Short, Assistant Marketing Manager/Customer Engagement & Education, Chauvet Lighting

The Chubby Muscles are a band out of Long Island, New York; in the 90's they were hot, with gigs throughout New York and most of New England playing a cool mix of 80's and 90's pop covers. Fun, bar music for the Friday night drankin' crowd. But over the last couple of years, something changed. The band is relegated to playing a couple times a month in a local joint called Bloodshot's Tavern, where a delectable bouquet of cigarettes, stale beer and desperation permeates the air and souls of its patronage. Charming place.

 I've known the guys in the band for a while, a friend of a cousin of a friend type of thing, through the music agency I used to work for. I was talking with the Lead Guitarist recently, and he was bemoaning the fate of the band and whether they wanted to keep performing. I wondered what they looked like these days? With bands, image is everything and while I know they sounded good, hey always had, an aging band can do a lot of things to make themselves look. Like it or not we still live in a society where image is attached to looks. I asked him to send me a photo of the band in action. The marketing flyer was depressing and hilarious all at the same time.

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