Monday, May 18, 2009

A No is Just as Good as a Yes!

Well, not really of course...but at least it's a definitive answer from a prospect and it allows me to move on to new prospects. I should say a No is better than endless "maybes". A prospect sitting on a fence means I haven't yet demonstrated to them that my product or service can heal their pain. This is OK for a time as long as I'm legitimately working toward answering questions and objectives and trying to solve their problem which should lead to a close as opposed to spinning my wheels with a prospect afraid to say no. As long as I feel like I've really done my job and answered objections, supplied information and creatively tried to solve the client's problems then an honest "no" isn't a problem. It's only when we have done our jobs and the prospect is still wasting our time with maybes (or are we allowing our time to be wasted?) that it becomes a problem. We sales people aren't afraid of a's not a personal rejection! BRING ON THE NO's!!!! It helps me weed you out and get to the yesses which is where I want to spend my time! So where do you cut the cord with fence sitters?

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