Monday, May 11, 2009

Twitter Marketing and the Emperor's New Clothes

I know Twitter is the latest greatest thing and I certainly am a user and a believer in social media myself. But hasn't Twitter been "hot" for like 6 minutes now? How can anyone really be an "expert" at making it the best thing since sliced bread to reach customers? I've just grown a little skeptical since the onslaught of the get rich quick web infomercials that have hit my email box & RSS feeders lately claiming 1000's of followers & 1000's of dollars. One of the main Twitter strategies seems to be to "retweet" useful links we discover to position ourselves as good resources for relevant information. Seems to me Google had that market cornered long ago. And just on an aesthetic note, I'm having a challenge getting over basing a marketing plan on the verb "to tweet"! In our rush to be "innovative" and on the cutting edge, even more reputable recruiters and marketers are stuffing blogs with expert advice on something I'm not convinced any of us know all THAT much about! I just want to be sure that in our rush to praise Emperor Twitter's "new clothes", that we're not afraid to question whether or not His Highness might actually be naked. We can't take our eyes off other important balls like developing new and great ideas for our clients and continually developing our skills in selling those ideas - face to face - and making them work. I love discovering and learning about new marketing tools, but solid sales and marketing are not fads, they're skilled professions & I just don't like feeling like a lemming going over a cliff. All that being said follow me at !

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