Friday, August 31, 2012

Acting Up by Geoff Short

I do so much acting at special events, I should win an Academy Award.

I'm a shy person. Whenever I say this, people who know my history of performing look at me like I'm crazy. How can someone who performs in front of hundreds of people every week be shy? But it's true. I'm not the kind of person who will readily walk up to strangers and start a conversation. I think many performers are shy to some extent. It's easier for me to sing a song in front of 200 people than it is to have a real conversation with just one. When I'm singing, the words I'm singing have already been prepared for me by someone else. When I'm acting on stage, the person I'm supposed to be and the situation I'm supposed to be in have already been created for me. I can live comfortably in that alternate reality moment. I don't feel any of the awkwardness that creeps in in unfamiliar social situations as the "real" me.

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