Monday, July 2, 2012


Sometimes it seems like our DJ blogs and articles are bursting with so many ”expert” DJs clamoring to impart wisdom to the huddled masses of less experienced DJs, one might wonder who exactly we’re imparting all this wisdom to.  Teachers teaching teachers, all looking for students. Put your ear to the average DJ blog and, like that creepy “voice of the sea” seashell from those cruise line commercials imploring strangers to “swim in me” or whatever,  you can almost hear the cries of multitudes of DJs who clearly didn’t get enough attention as children. Oceans of forums and lifetimes of videos scream “notice me!” through their advice and tips.  Of course, I count myself among them…you….us.  Take a look at my body of work for Mobile Beat and it’s clear that I also must think my experience and/or opinion is worthy of…..I don’t know…being worthy, I guess.  I mean, I just used the phrase “my body of work” in reference to my own DJ articles. Who am I? Shakespeare?
So in the spirit of trying to deflate my head a bit and to encourage some of you other know-it-alls out there (you know who you are) to do the same, I have a confession. I screw things up sometimes. I really can get tired of hearing my own voice talking about all the things (I think) I do right.   So now – with tail tucked firmly between legs – I present just a few of the things I know I do wrong.  Hopefully to save other DJs from fumbling in my footsteps.  But certainly to try and fix some of this crap myself!

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