Tuesday, July 31, 2012

You've Never DJ'd Before

by Geoff Short

As I write this, we are probably over the half way point of the busy Summer wedding season.  For those who have created great entertainment at a lot of different events over the last couple months, it's right about this time that a DJs energy and enthusiasm can be in short supply.  The usually sharp edges of precision and accuracy can feel  dulled by habits and complacency and the spark of creativity can grow dim under the shadow of boredom.  If you let it.   To succumb to DFABS (DJ Fatigue and Boredom Syndrome, a disorder I just made up) is to invite in nasty things like bad reviews, diminished referrals, empty dance floors, disappointed brides and grooms and probably worst of all, disillusion with DJing in general.    Much like a marathon runner who must go beyond her depleted physical ability and plumb her psyche for the strength to dig deep and win the race, DJs must also dig deep and make every event a winner.

Of course that's easier said than done.

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