Monday, July 2, 2012


Sometimes when I’m DJing an event, I suffer from a bit of an identity crisis. It usually happens somewhere between the time somebody’s Grandpa mistakes me for the valet and tosses his keys to me and the Assistant Catering Manager shoves a tray full of appetizers in my hand and barks at me to get moving and stop hanging around the DJ booth. When this happens I have to fight the urge to scream “I’m the damn DJ! You know…the one that is going to control the most important aspect of this entire shindig? PARK YOUR OWN DAMN CAR!!”

All due respect goes to valets and servers and every other super hero disguised as a special event worker. They are the miracle workers who make these three ring circuses possible. And they are friends and colleagues. I am one of them. I AM the hired help. So why do I get so bent out of shape when I feel treated that way? I don’t want or need to be treated any better than any other worker hired for a given event. It would just be nice if we ALL felt appreciated and respected all the time. But we all know Utopia doesn’t really exist.

Have you ever felt disrespected by clients, guests or other vendors at an event?


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